Top 20 Hair style for baby girl 2023

Choosing the right hair style for baby girl is a delightful and creative way to express your love and style. As parents or caregivers, it’s important to select hairstyles that not only look adorable but also ensure comfort and ease for your little one.

Whether it’s for a special occasion or everyday wear, finding the perfect hairdo can be a fun and bonding experience. In this article, we will explore various hair styling options for baby girls, offering inspiration and guidance for creating charming looks that suit your child’s personality and needs.

Top 20 Hair style for baby girl 2023

Floral Crown Hair Accessory

When it comes to baby hairstyles, this one is a timeless and incredibly easy option that suits even the tiniest tots. All you require is a wide-toothed comb and a gentle fabric headband. Simply make a gentle side part and place a fabric band, preferably crafted from hypoallergenic materials. While flower decorations aren’t obligatory, they are certainly a delightful suggestion.

French Braid with Side-Swept Bangs

Do you have a baby girl with medium-length hair and bangs? Here’s a clever method to keep those bangs away from her face. Gently brush the soft locks to one side, and then craft a side braid by incorporating strands from the parting. Finally, secure it with a hair-colored band, and you’re finished!

Adorable High Ponytail for Black Baby Girls

Ultra-curly hair often has a personality of its own and can sometimes cause your adorable little one some discomfort on hot days. It undeniably provides warmth to a baby! To add some enjoyment to playtime, gather those curls and secure the hair as high as it will naturally go. A large, playful bow will be the perfect finishing touch, just like a cherry on an ice cream sundae.

Curly Hair Adorned with a Ribbon Headband

Do you have a fancy event on the horizon? Finding suitable hairstyles for babies, especially those under 1 year old, can be a challenge. If your little one has short, naturally curly hair, you can create a stylish look with the help of a headband and child-friendly pomade. The headband will keep most of the hair away from her face, while the pomade will ensure her bangs stay sleek and in place throughout the day.

Hairstyle Fusion: Pigtails, Braids, and Buns

Here’s a hairstyle perfect for active days: begin by parting the hair down the center. Divide each side into two sections and create a French braid on the upper portion of each side. Complete both sides with regular braids, and then gather them into ponytails. To help your little girl stay cool, twist each ponytail into a relaxed bun.

Chic High Dutch Braids

This hairstyle is for moms who enjoy braiding, and you don’t need to fret about mastering a new technique. Dutch braids aren’t significantly distinct from French braids. In fact, they are quite similar, except you weave each strand underneath the others. Begin at the hairline and progress downward, keeping the braid close to the scalp. Complete each side with a regular braid and fasten it with a hairband.

Elegant Flat Twists with Braided Band

Cornrows are known for being one of the more intricate baby girl hairstyles, primarily because they require some effort. You can opt for an easier alternative by using flat twists. Begin by sectioning off a sizable portion of hair at the top of the head. Divide it into the desired number of braids or twists.

Start with the leftmost French braid but halt where you want the braided band to start. Complete the other cornrows or flat twists. The band itself is woven from a portion of hair just above the ear. Once you’ve finished it, secure it across your cornrows or flat twists, leaving the remaining hair loose.

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Short Hair with a Stylish Side Part and Bow Pin

Could it be any easier? Just create a side part in your baby’s hair and keep it away from her face by using a playful hair clip. This simple step will ensure both mom and her little one have a delightful day ahead!

Headband and Braided Accent for Fine Hair

Styling finer hair into a French braid can be a bit tricky, but a regular braid can certainly do the trick. Start by dividing the hair into three horizontal sections. Use elastic bands to secure the first two sections and then braid the remaining hair. Secure the braid, add a hairband, create a large bow, and then it’s time to head outside and play!

Inaugural Braided Updo with a Twist

You might think that very young baby hairstyles can’t involve braids and updos, but you’d be mistaken. If your little one has medium-length hair, you can easily create a small twisted braid. Secure it low, just above the nape of the neck, with a lovely ribbon, and be ready to receive compliments on your mommy skills!

Trendy Braids and Ponytails for Fine Hair

Require further evidence that you can achieve intricate styles with your baby’s soft hair? Begin by sectioning a generous front portion of the hair and form four ponytails. You can choose to braid all or just a few of them. Then, halfway down the hair’s length, gather them all into a single, straightforward ponytail. That’s it!

Quick and Flawless Bow-Tied Ponytails

On certain days, there’s just not enough time for braids or buns, especially when you’re headed to daycare or a playdate. This quick and easy style involves dividing the hair into four sections. Secure the top ones with ponytails or even braid them if you prefer. Then, gather the hair on both sides into two larger ponytails, adorned with big, fluffy bows. Isn’t it adorable?

Multiple Ponytails Elevated with a Bow

Pigtails are one of the most beloved baby hairstyles, and they’re also quite simple to achieve. Here’s how to do it: create a deep, twisted part in the hair. Secure the smaller section into a pigtail, then divide the larger section into 3-4 horizontal sections. Form a multi-ponytail arrangement, and finish it off with a large, eye-catching bow at the end.

Wide Bow Headband for Short Locks

Are you a busy mom? Save the more intricate hairstyles for when your baby turns one, as for now, aim for a simple and practical approach to maintain her hair soft. In the meantime, have fun experimenting with large, playful headbands adorned with whimsical floppy bows, just like the one featured here!

Stylish Flat Twist and Twin Knots

Do you have an adorable little angel with short hair? Begin by parting her hair to one side and craft a high knot with the smaller section. Starting from the hairline, form a diagonal French braid or a flat twist, progressing until you reach the height of the first knot. Afterward, secure everything into the second, matching chignon.

Four-Strand Braided Fringe for Medium-Length Hair

Even little ones with short bob haircuts can embrace braided baby girl hairstyles. Start by making a side part, then use four or more strands, commencing from the front of the hairline. Braid diagonally, stopping just shy of the crown. And of course, don’t overlook that lovely bow at the end!

Top Braid Paired with a Bow and Ponytail

If your baby girl is blessed with thick hair, here’s a lovely hairstyle to try. Divide her mane into three vertical sections. Begin a French braid right from the hairline and continue down until you reach the middle length of the hair. Then, incorporate the other two sections and gather it all into a ponytail. And for the finishing touch, adorn it with a beautiful ribbon, of course!

A Symphony of Multiple Braids

If you’re in the mood for creativity, you can weave multiple cornrow braids into a more intricate style. Begin by forming a section at the hairline with a horizontal parting and braid it. Then, divide the remaining hair into as many sections as desired for braids. Twist and weave these sections, and finally, consider securing all the loose ends into either a bun or a side ponytail as you prefer.

Playful Twist Braid Weave with Buns

Did you ever imagine that baby hairstyles could appear this intricate? Surprisingly, the style shown above is quite simple to create when you break it down into individual steps. Start with three sections at the top, each with the hair twisted into twist braids. Then, do the same with three more sections at the bottom. The middle portion of the hair is divided down the center. The bottom braids merge into the left bun, while the top ones join the bun on the right-hand side. It’s both effortless and charming, isn’t it?

Bows and Center Parting Elegance for Mixed Hair

Many African American baby girls have beautiful natural curls. Wondering how to style them? Here’s an idea: make a middle part in the bangs and secure each side with a clip. Let the rest of the hair keep its waves and curls for a wonderfully simple and adorable look!


In conclusion, selecting a suitable hairstyle for your baby girl is an opportunity to enhance her natural beauty while ensuring her comfort and happiness. From cute ponytails and braids to charming bows and headbands, there are countless ways to adorn your baby girl’s hair. Remember to prioritize safety and practicality, especially for active toddlers.

Above all, enjoy the process of styling your little one’s hair, as it can be a heartwarming and memorable part of your parenting journey. With the right choice of hairstyle, your baby girl is sure to radiate beauty and charm wherever she goes.

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