Top 30 Box braids styles for little girl 2023

Box braids are a timeless and versatile hairstyle that has gained immense popularity, not only among adults but also among little girls. These stylish and protective braids offer a multitude of creative options for young ones to express their unique personalities while keeping their hair healthy and manageable.

In this article, we will explore some charming box braid styles for little girl, allowing them to embrace their individuality with flair and confidence.

Top 30 Box braids styles for little girl 2023

Top Knot Half-Updo

The Half-Up Top Knot is undoubtedly one of the most beloved braid styles for young girls, and it graces our list in multiple variations. This particular braid offers a unique twist, as it ascends rather than descends. This stylish updo not only frames a young girl’s neck beautifully but also imparts a delightful boost of volume to her crown.

Elevate your little girl’s Half-Up Top Knot game by introducing a variety of bun hairstyles into the mix. Our assortment of stunning bun hairstyles encompasses braided buns, top knots, and a plethora of other chic options suitable for any occasion. These exquisite styles can elevate the sophistication of your little girl’s box braids while infusing her overall appearance with an extra touch of panache.

Side-Parted Braided Hairstyle

Another fantastic option for a half-braided hairstyle is the Side-Parted Braided Hairdo. It offers a refreshing twist on traditional braids while maintaining that wonderful overall appearance. This technique ensures a secure and long-lasting braid that can easily last for up to a week and a half.

To achieve a chic and trendy look, consider incorporating a side part into your braided hairstyle. Take a look at these Inspiring Braids with Shaved Sides for some creative ideas. The shaved sides introduce an edgy element to your hairstyle, beautifully complemented by the playful and feminine allure of the braids. This versatile style is suitable for any occasion, whether it’s a casual day out or a formal event.

Braided Bun Pigtail

What’s more adorable than regular pigtails? Well, it’s got to be braided pigtails! The Braided Pigtail Bun is not only charming but also one of the simplest braid styles to put together. This look is especially flattering for medium-length hair, but you can always use extensions or hair ties if your hair isn’t quite long enough.

The Piggy-Tail Braided Bun is an excellent choice for young girls looking to try a cute and unique hairstyle. Plus, it’s a hairstyle that holds up well throughout the day, making it a practical choice for school or any other long-lasting activity.

Two-Tiered Braid Style

The Two-Layer Braid Style offers another splendid option for those with medium-length hair. It’s a swift and uncomplicated choice that ensures your curls remain intact, sparing you from any unintentional straightening. This braid bestows an air of elegance upon your appearance and infuses your hair with a lovely dose of volume. If you’re seeking to inject a touch of extra flair into your everyday hairstyle, give this braid a try!

For a distinctive and intricately crafted look, delve into the world of the two-layer braid style. This technique involves dividing your hair into two sections and individually braiding each section before elegantly intertwining one braid over the other. To discover more inspiration for braids with weave, explore these delightful hairstyle ideas featuring braids with weave. This style is an ideal choice for young girls aiming for a more intricate and striking braided look.

Curled Ends Elegance

Curly hair has always been a beloved choice for young girls, and the Curled Ends style stands as one of the most captivating options available. It involves crafting a lengthy braid adorned with numerous exquisite layers and cascading curls. If you have a little girl with naturally curly hair, this style will undoubtedly make them feel like royalty.

To infuse a dash of sophistication into your little girl’s box braids, consider adding curls to the ends. Achieving this look can be accomplished using a curling iron with a wide barrel. For further guidance on how to achieve those charming curled ends on box braids, you can explore these short curly hairstyles for men, which offer insights into the process.

Bob Hairstyle with Braids

It’s a petite braid with a deliberately tousled appearance, yet it maintains hair tidiness. The subtle knots incorporated into this style provide added volume and a distinctive allure. The Braided Bob enjoys popularity as a favored braid style for young girls due to its simplicity. Additionally, it serves as a means to augment the crown’s volume for a striking and remarkable look.

For those seeking a charming and adaptable hairstyle that demands minimal upkeep, consider opting for the Box Braids Bob. You have the flexibility to choose between a short or long bob from the plethora of Bob Box Braids Ideas available to complement your face shape. This hairstyle is an ideal choice for active young girls who relish playtime without fretting about hair maintenance.

Double Bun Delight

Buns represent a widely embraced hairstyle characterized by gathering hair into a ponytail or bun. The Double Buns braid marries two distinct styles to create a charming look that’s perfect for your young girl. It incorporates both a half bun and a full bun, which is precisely why this hairstyle enjoys such popularity among little girls.

For a playful and delightful appearance, consider trying out the double buns hairstyle, offering a cute and easily manageable option for your little one. You can infuse a touch of creativity into the style by experimenting with various bun shapes and accessorizing.

Ponytail Chic

The Ponytail is an effortlessly achieved and highly favored hairstyle. It involves gathering the hair into a regular or French braid before pulling it back into a ponytail. This versatile style complements all hair types and textures, including curly hair.

Adorable Pigtails

Pigtails represent one of the most popular ways to fashion long hair. They accommodate both thin and thick hair and offer a casual, school-friendly appearance. The Cute Pigtails style, while uncomplicated to achieve, exudes a pristine and well-groomed charm. It’s a delightful means to elevate your little girl’s pigtails, ensuring they remain as endearing as ever.

If you’re aiming to create an adorable and playful look for your young one, consider transforming her box braids into pigtails. You can enhance the fun factor by incorporating colorful hair ties or ribbons.

High Bun Grace

This exquisite hairstyle merges the elements of a bun and a topknot, offering you a harmonious blend of both. It ranks among the top choices for children, owing to its ease of execution and charming appearance. Additionally, this bun-style provides an effective means of keeping long hair away from your little girl’s face.

Vibrant Knotted Pigtails

Elevate your everyday pigtails with the charm of Bright Knotted Pigtails. By employing vibrant hair ties to secure the pigtails, you impart a playful and voluminous touch to them. These are perfect if you’re seeking to introduce just a subtle hint of color to your daughter’s hair.

For young girls, these braided pigtails can serve as a delightful means of expressing their unique personalities. To infuse a dash of color, consider opting for red box braids. The bold hue adds a lively vibrancy to the hair and can be styled in a myriad of ways, catering to active girls who relish experimenting with different looks.

Explore other hairstyles here!

Colorfully Bold

Braids that span from one ear to the other represent a bold and trendy choice in young girls’ hairstyles. However, this particular bold braid stands out with its exquisite cherry blossom inlay, adding an intricate touch. Vibrant and captivating, it’s a fantastic concept whether you’re looking to enhance pigtails, braids, or create a quick and eye-catching style.

Elevate your little girl’s box braids by infusing them with bold and vivid hair colors. You have the option to select from highlights, ombre, balayage, or even opt for an all-over hair color transformation. This approach allows your child to express her unique personality and inject some playful flair into her hairstyle.

Pigtails Adorned with Beads

Beaded Pigtails offer a playful twist on the classic pigtail style. Their distinctive beaded design adds a unique touch, accentuating the beauty of your little girl’s hair. You have the flexibility to highlight different sections of her hair, depending on your preference. These beaded pigtails can be fashioned with either two or three pigtails, giving you options for a variety of looks.

To infuse some extra charm into your little girl’s pigtails, consider incorporating colorful beads into her hairstyle. For inspiration, you can explore the “little black girl hairstyles” article, which offers a range of ideas, from simple beaded braids to more intricate and creative designs.

Beaded and Vibrant

This presents yet another enchanting way to incorporate the art of beading into your hair. These vibrant braids are a splendid choice for young girls, offering an opportunity to make a striking statement with your daughter’s hairstyle. The possibilities for color combinations in this design are limitless.

Inject some fun and liveliness into your little girl’s box braids by introducing an array of colorful beads! For ideas and inspiration on seamlessly integrating beads into your child’s hairstyle, consider exploring Fulani braids. This not only infuses her look with color and style but also provides added protection to the ends of the braids, preventing splitting.

Tiny Braids with Beaded Accents

Another fantastic hair option for young girls is the Small Braided Hairdo with Beads. It’s a straightforward yet elegant hairstyle that has the power to elevate an ordinary look to extraordinary heights. With a palette of vibrant colors, this design offers the flexibility to transform your little girl’s appearance within mere minutes.

Splash of Color

Enlivened with Vibrant Hues, this playful style is perfect for the summer season or a festive birthday celebration. It’s a simple yet delightful design that infuses bursts of color throughout your child’s hair. Depending on the theme of your little girl’s birthday party, you have the freedom to choose any color scheme you desire.

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider incorporating some colorful accents into your little girl’s box braids. You can explore mesmerizing galaxy hair color ideas for a unique, starry appearance. Alternatively, you can introduce a touch of purple with purple ombre hair color ideas or opt for a warm, honey-brown hue with honey brown hair color ideas. Whichever path you choose, a splash of color can bring fun and personality to the braids.

Medium Jumbo Box Braids

This is a classic design that stands the test of time, never falling out of fashion. It’s particularly well-suited for braiding, as it offers the flexibility to employ various braiding techniques to enhance volume and definition. This style effortlessly injects just the right amount of intrigue into your hair without demanding excessive time or effort.

Make a bold statement with medium jumbo box braids, perfect for those with longer hair, as they are thick and eye-catching. You can choose between straight or curly braids to craft a distinct look. For further inspiration and tips on maintaining and styling your braids, take a look at this article on long box braids hairstyles.

Updo with Braids for Kids

Consider giving the Kids Braid Up-Do a shot if your child has abundant hair to work with. This classic hairstyle begins at the lower part of the head and ascends gracefully to form an updo. The color combinations are entirely customizable, ensuring your daughter’s hair will look simply stunning.

For a playful and chic braid up-do for your young one, think about incorporating kids box braids. This protective style not only minimizes hair damage but also offers easy maintenance and versatile styling options. Moreover, with a wide array of color and length choices available, your child is certain to discover a box braid look that suits their preferences perfectly.

Knotless Jumbo Box Braids

The Jumbo Knotless Box Braid presents a relaxed yet stylish option suitable for both school days and special occasions. These braids are generously sized and attention-grabbing, and their adaptability allows for endless possibilities with color combinations. If your daughter boasts long hair, this style is bound to make her stand out in any crowd.

If you’re seeking to address the issue of hair itching while simultaneously embracing a protective hairstyle, give jumbo knotless box braids a try. They offer a thick, trendy, and remarkably comfortable option. To discover more ideas for long box braid hairstyles, explore this collection for inspiration on your next hairdo.

Delicate Box Braids for Young Girls

The Small Cute Girls Box Braid is a fantastic choice for young girls. While it may not be as large or attention-grabbing, it still imparts a significant boost of volume to your child’s hair. The smaller braids offer enhanced flexibility and versatility, suitable for various occasions. This style takes the classic braid and infuses it with a unique charm, making it a wonderful choice.

To achieve a stylish and easy-to-manage look, think about opting for small box braids for your little girl. These braids are ideal for active kids and offer a multitude of styling options.

Cornrows Combined with Box Braids

Box Braids with integrated cornrows offer an exciting and artistic approach to braided hairstyles. These braids not only eliminate the traditional linear patterns but also infuse the style with intricate detailing. While box braids grace the sides, the addition of cornrows at the back adds depth and sophistication to this hairstyle.

For those seeking a stylish and sophisticated way to adorn their box braids, consider combining them with cornrows. This refined braided ensemble suits any occasion and can be effortlessly achieved using our comprehensive guide, brimming with a plethora of Cornrow Braids Hairstyle Ideas for Women. With a diverse array of styles and designs at your disposal, you’re bound to discover the perfect cornrow braid look to complement your box braids seamlessly.

Knotless Box Braids

The Knotless Box Braid is an excellent choice when you’re seeking a slightly more dramatic hairstyle. What sets this style apart is its reliance on just one or two bobby pins to secure the half updo, offering a unique and practical twist. It’s a method that ensures a long-lasting braid, capable of enduring for weeks when worn daily. Additionally, it’s particularly well-suited for girls with thinner hair.

If you’re keen on exploring an alternative to traditional box braids, consider giving knotless box braids a try. These braids provide a more natural appearance and exert less tension on your scalp, making them a comfortable and stylish option.

Short and Jumbo Box Braids

Short Jumbo Box Braids offer a splendid departure from your typical box braid style. It’s a straightforward yet intricately detailed look, making it an ideal choice for anyone desiring braids of various sizes. These braids typically take about 5-6 hours to complete, ensuring a meticulous finish.

If you’re in search of a trendy and easy-to-maintain protective hairstyle, short jumbo box braids present an excellent solution. They impart impressive volume and thickness to your hair while maintaining a sleek and fashionable appearance.

Pink Accents in Girls’ Box Braids

The Girls Box Braid With Pink Mix is a fantastic choice to add a vibrant twist to your hairstyle. These braids also resemble dog ears, which adds an adorable touch to the look. What sets this hairstyle apart is its quick completion time, taking only about 20 minutes, making it a convenient option compared to some other braided styles featured on this list.

If you’re interested in experimenting with different colors for your little girl’s box braids, explore these pink, purple, and blue hairstyles. Infusing a splash of color into her braids not only imparts a playful element to her hairstyle but also provides a means for her to express her unique individuality.

Little Girl’s Braided Ponytail

The Little Girl Ponytail Braid is a wonderful method to keep your hair off your shoulders and neatly arranged. These intricate braids showcase meticulous detailing and offer the opportunity to craft a versatile hairstyle. Whether it’s for school or a birthday party, this style is incredibly adaptable.

Elevate your little girl’s braided look with this charming ponytail braid. By introducing colorful beads and ribbons into the braids, you can enhance her cuteness and give her hairstyle an extra dash of charm.

Curls and Braids in a Bob

The Bob Braid With Curls offers another fantastic braid option that appears deceptively simple. It’s a versatile choice suitable for various hair types and face shapes. These braids are particularly well-suited for individuals with fine or thin hair since the pattern doesn’t create excessive thickness or length.

Achieve a stylish and easy-to-maintain appearance with the bob braid with curls. This hairstyle effortlessly infuses volume and texture into your hair. Embrace the natural texture of your hair by enhancing it with defined curls.

Petite Braids with Curls

The Tiny Short Braid With Curls is an excellent choice for beginners because it’s a straightforward braid that can be easily completed. Achieving this hairstyle typically takes around 30 minutes, and the resulting texture is truly stunning. It’s an adorable and distinctive hairstyle that showcases intricate detailing.

If you’re on the hunt for an adorable and fashionable hairstyle for your little girl, explore these options for kids’ box braids. These braids are perfect for a playful appearance and offer versatile styling possibilities. For a unique twist, consider adding curls to the ends of the braids to create a fun and bouncy look that’s sure to delight.

Simple Cornrow Braids with Beads

The Easy Cornrow Braid With Beads offers a simple yet striking braid that exudes awesomeness. It’s a versatile braided hairstyle that can be customized in numerous ways. This is an ideal choice for those seeking a fun and distinctive hairdo, as it also serves as a splendid means to introduce a touch of sparkle to your hair.

If you wish to infuse a touch of glamour into your cornrow braid style, consider embellishing your hair with beads. These beads can introduce a vibrant splash of color and delightful texture to your braids, rendering them unique and attention-grabbing. Experiment with different colors and sizes of beads to achieve the perfect, personalized look.


Box braid styles for little girls are more than just a hairstyle; they are a way for young ones to showcase their creativity and personality. These protective braids not only look adorable but also provide practical benefits by keeping their hair tangle-free and manageable.

Whether it’s adding colorful beads, experimenting with different parting patterns, or incorporating cute hair accessories, box braids offer endless opportunities for little girls to feel confident and beautiful. So, parents and guardians, consider these box braid styles as an excellent choice to keep your little one’s hair healthy and stylish, all while fostering their self-expression and self-esteem.

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