Loc styles for little girl

When it comes to styling little girls’ hair, finding the perfect loc styles can be both fun and practical. Locs, short for “dreadlocks,” offer a versatile and unique way to adorn your child’s hair while also promoting natural hair health. Whether you’re a parent, guardian, or hairstylist, exploring loc styles for little girl opens up a world of creative possibilities.

In this article, we will delve into some charming and age-appropriate loc styles that not only enhance your child’s beauty but also instill confidence and a sense of cultural identity.

What are the various styles for LOCs?

There are several distinct types of loc styles to choose from, including:

  1. Sisterlocks: These are akin to microlocs, characterized by their small size and meticulous, time-intensive installation process. Seeking professional assistance is advisable for Sisterlocks. Due to their petite nature, they offer versatility and ease of styling, mimicking the appearance of fine hair strands. Maintenance typically involves retightening every four to six weeks.
  2. Traditional locs: These are standard-sized locs, usually comparable in thickness to a medium-sized box braid. Traditional locs are known for their relatively straightforward maintenance, which contributes to their enduring popularity.
  3. Freeform locs: With freeform locs, natural formation is encouraged. You cleanse and wash your hair as usual, allowing it to naturally lock over time. These locs require minimal twisting or manipulation, making them one of the most low-maintenance options.
  4. Two-strand twist dreads/locs: While not an entirely distinct loc style, this technique involves using two-strand twists to initiate traditional locs. It’s worth noting that these may appear slightly larger and have a tendency to develop frizz more easily.
  5. Interlocking locs: This method centers on a “pull-through” technique, where you thread the ends of your hair through the loc’s roots using your fingers or a tool similar to a crochet needle. You can repeat this process up to four times, ensuring a secure knot formation in both north-south and east-west directions.

What are the recommended styles for starter locs?

  1. Comb Coils: Created by spinning small hair sections with a rattail comb, these coils are a common starter style. Regular moisturization and wearing a headscarf at night help maintain this style.
  2. Palm Rolling: Achieved by rolling hair sections between your palms, this style not only works as a standalone look but also aids in the natural formation of locs over time.
  3. Two-Strand Twists: An alternative to comb coils, these twists can be left in to grow into fuller locs. You’ll need a minimum of a few inches of hair for this method.
  4. Braids: Ideal for those with looser hair textures, braids prevent unraveling in the early stages of locs. Keep in mind that braided locs won’t be perfectly circular.
  5. Freeform Locs: This style embraces natural loc formation with minimal twisting or manipulation.
  6. Sisterlocks: Small and versatile, Sisterlocks require a certified consultant due to their intensive installation process.
  7. Instant Locs: Perfect for instant results with longer hair, this method uses a crochet hook to form locs quickly.
  8. Loc Extensions: Add faux locs to your hair for an instant loc look using Afro kinky bulk hair.
  9. Goddess Locs: Recognizable by loose curls at the ends, this style involves wrapping braiding hair around your own hair.
  10. Backcombed: Suitable for wavier to straighter hair, backcombing is achieved by teasing the hair backward and shaping it into locs.
  11. Interlocked: This method uses a crochet needle to pull hair ends through roots in multiple directions, creating mature locs.

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What is the term for locs in girls’ hair?

Dreadlocks, often referred to as locs, dreads, or in Sanskrit as Jata, are distinctive strands of hair that develop through the process of matting or braiding hair. Another method to create dreadlocks is by using a technique known as “twist and rip,” along with techniques like backcombing and rolling.

Is it possible to style baby locs?

Embarking on the journey of growing and styling your dreadlocks is an exciting endeavor, but it’s important to keep in mind that it can be quite a patient undertaking due to the time it takes for them to fully form.

Nevertheless, during this waiting period, you can embrace the opportunity to style your developing dreadlocks creatively, allowing you to enjoy a unique and evolving look as your locks mature. So, while waiting for your dreadlocks to reach their full potential, you can also experiment with different styling options to express your individuality and style preferences.


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In conclusion, loc styles for little girls are a wonderful way to celebrate natural hair and instill a sense of pride in one’s cultural heritage. From simple and elegant styles to more elaborate and creative options, there are endless possibilities to explore. These loc styles not only promote healthy hair growth but also help young girls embrace their unique beauty.

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