Top 40+ Little girl twist styles 2023

Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, little girl twist styles offer a variety of options to suit different hair textures, lengths, and preferences. In this article, we will explore the world of little girl twist styles, showcasing their charm and versatility.

Top 40+ Little girl twist styles 2023

Large Two-Strand Twists for Kids

Large two-strand twists for kids are a fantastic way to give little ones a chic and manageable hairstyle. These twists offer a stylish look that’s easy to maintain, making them a popular choice for parents and children alike.

Twists for Children Adorned with Beads

Add a playful and vibrant touch to children’s hairstyles with twists adorned with colorful beads. This style not only looks adorable but also allows kids to showcase their unique personalities and creativity.

Updo with Two-Strand Twists for Kids

Elevate your child’s hairstyle with an updo featuring intricate two-strand twists. This elegant and timeless look is perfect for special occasions or when you want to give your child’s hair a more polished appearance.

Chunky Twists for Toddler’s Hair

Keep your toddler’s hair looking cute and well-kept with chunky twists. These twists are larger in size, making them an excellent choice for little ones with active lifestyles.

Heart-Shaped Two-Strand Twists for Little Girls

Make your little girl feel extra special with heart-shaped two-strand twists. This sweet and charming hairstyle adds a touch of love and whimsy to her look, perfect for any day.

Twists Styled with Rubber Bands for Kids

Create a unique twist style for kids by incorporating rubber bands. This technique not only adds a playful element to the hair but also helps keep the twists neat and secure.

Updo Featuring Two-Strand Twists for Children

For a more formal and refined look, consider an updo that incorporates two-strand twists. This style is perfect for weddings, parties, or any special event where your child wants to shine.

Cornrows and Twists Combo for Little Girls

Combine cornrows and twists to create a stylish and protective hairstyle for little girls. This versatile look offers a blend of elegance and practicality.

Jumbo Twists for Type 3 Hair in Kids

Jumbo twists are a bold and fashionable choice for kids with Type 3 hair. They add volume and flair to the hair, making it a standout style.

Thick Twists for Dry 3b Hair

Keep 3b hair moisturized and stylish with thick twists. This style not only enhances the natural beauty of the hair but also helps maintain moisture levels.

Twists for Little Girls with Stretched Hair

Stretch your little girl’s hair before creating twists to achieve a unique and elongated look. This style showcases the hair’s length while keeping it well-protected.

Two-Strand Twists for Little Girls on Damp Hair

Create defined and long-lasting twists for little girls by working on damp hair. This technique helps the twists hold their shape and reduce frizz.

Jumbo Twists with Hair Extensions

Achieve a voluminous and dramatic look with jumbo twists enhanced by hair extensions. This style offers versatility and can be customized to your child’s desired length and thickness.

Medium-Length Twists on Natural Hair for Kids

Embrace your child’s natural hair texture with medium-length twists. This style celebrates their unique curls while keeping their hair looking fabulous.

Full Twist Out on Type 4 Hair for Kids

Type 4 hair can be beautifully showcased with a full twist-out style for kids. It allows their natural curls to shine and creates a lovely and textured look.

Half-Up Half-Down Twist Style for Kids

Combine the best of both worlds with a half-up, half-down twist style for kids. This versatile look keeps hair out of the face while allowing the rest to flow freely.

Medium-Length Twists Adorned with Accessories

Elevate medium-length twists with creative accessories, adding a touch of individuality and flair to your child’s hair.

Toddler’s Two-Strand Twists on Dry Hair

Elevate medium-length twists with creative accessories, adding a touch of individuality and flair to your child’s hair.

Twists for Kids with Short Hair

Short hair doesn’t mean limited styling options. Twists for kids with short hair provide a neat and adorable look, emphasizing their natural beauty.

Chunky Twists Enhanced with Extensions

Add volume and length to chunky twists by incorporating extensions. This style offers a bold and statement-making appearance.

Medium-Length Twists on Kids’ Natural Hair

Let your child’s natural hair shine with medium-length twists. This style enhances their curls and showcases their hair’s true texture.

Double-Banded Two-Strand Twists

Create a unique and secure twist style for kids by using double bands. This technique adds an interesting visual element to the hair.

Two Bun Two-Strand Twists for Kids

Achieve a cute and playful look with two bun two-strand twists for kids. This style keeps hair neatly in place while allowing for creativity in bun placement.

Twists Down to the Back with Accessories

Add a touch of elegance to twists by letting them flow down the back and incorporating stylish accessories.

Ponytail Twists featuring Bantu Knots

Combine ponytails and Bantu knots with twists for a fun and distinctive hairstyle that your child will love.

Side-Swept Twists with Cornrows for Kids

Create a dynamic and eye-catching style by incorporating side-swept twists with cornrows for kids. This look offers a blend of creativity and sophistication.

Natural Hair Twists with Curled Ends

Give natural hair a twist by adding curled ends to the twists. This style provides a unique and elegant finish.

Thick Two-Strand Twists for Toddlers

Keep your toddler’s hair stylish and protected with thick two-strand twists. This low-maintenance look is perfect for active little ones.

Triple-Sectioned Twists for Little Girls

Add a twist to the classic style with triple-sectioned twists for little girls. This creative approach offers a distinct and eye-catching appearance.

Medium-Length Kids’ Twists with Extensions

Experiment with different lengths and textures by incorporating extensions into medium-length twists for kids.

Boxed Twists with Added Hair

Achieve a geometric and eye-catching look with boxed twists enhanced by added hair. This style offers a unique and trendy appearance.

Jumbo Twists on Kids’ Damp Natural Hair

Create defined and voluminous jumbo twists by working on damp natural hair. This technique helps the twists hold their shape and reduces frizz.

Toddler Twists for Short Hair

Short hair can still be stylish with toddler twists. This look keeps hair neat and manageable, perfect for active toddlers.

Triangle-Shaped Twists for Little Girls

Give little girls a distinctive and modern look with triangle-shaped twists. This creative style adds a unique twist to their appearance.

Crisscross Two-Strand Twists with Double Bun

Combine crisscrossed two-strand twists with a double bun for a playful and charming hairstyle that kids will adore.

Thick Twists on Dry Type 4 Hair

Keep Type 4 hair well-moisturized and stylish with thick twists. This style not only enhances the hair’s natural beauty but also promotes moisture retention.

Jumbo Twists for Kids with Bantu Knots

Incorporate Bantu knots into jumbo twists for a bold and textured look that showcases your child’s personality.

Natural Hair Twists for Little Girls with Blue Highlights

Add a pop of color and individuality to natural hair twists for little girls with blue highlights. This style allows them to express their creativity.

Side-Swept Two-Strand Twists with Bands

Create a dynamic and stylish look with side-swept two-strand twists enhanced by bands. This style offers a blend of elegance and playfulness.

Zigzag-Parted Two-Strand Twists on Black Kids’ Hair

Achieve a modern and geometric appearance with zigzag-parted two-strand twists on black kids’ hair. This unique style adds a creative twist to their look.

Each of these hairstyles offers a distinct and stylish option for children’s hair, allowing them to express their personalities and creativity while keeping their hair well-maintained.

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FAQS Little girl twist styles

Is Two-Strand Twisting a Beneficial Protective Style for Girls?

Two-strand twists serve as an excellent protective hairstyle for girls. They offer protection against harsh environmental factors and the frequent handling that exposed hair endures. As a protective style, twists play a pivotal role in reducing hair breakage, minimizing damage, and preventing tangles and knots.

In comparison to alternative braiding methods, twists exert less strain on both the hair and scalp during installation, which can alleviate your child’s discomfort, particularly when done with a loose touch.

What Types of Hair Are Suitable for Two-Strand Twists?

You can enhance your girl’s natural hair by adding extensions such as Marley hair, kanekalon braids, afro kinky hair, or others to increase length and volume. The choice of extension depends on whether you want to achieve length or volume. Even with extensions, you can maintain your twist style as if it were entirely natural, following your regular washing, conditioning, and styling routine.

How Do You Perform Two-Strand Twists on Kids?

For two-strand twists, begin by dividing the hair into equal sections and twisting them together until the ends resemble a rope-like texture. Prior to twisting, it’s essential to moisturize and detangle the hair using a detangling brush to prevent potential breakage and matting.

You can twist the hair when it’s wet or dry, although many prefer to do so when it’s slightly damp. However, ensure the hair isn’t excessively wet to prevent frizz in the twists. Don’t forget to twirl the ends to create curls and prevent them from unraveling. You can find a helpful tutorial by Gloria Ann, specifically designed for girls with short hair.

What Is the Expected Duration of Twists?

With proper care and maintenance, the twists can typically last anywhere from two to three weeks, depending on your little girl’s level of activity.

How Can You Maintain Moisture in a Child’s Two-Strand Twists?

To keep your girl’s twists moisturized, use water-based leave-in conditioners and curl sprays for enhanced moisture, followed by sealing with coconut oil. You can discover suitable leave-in conditioners in my post on the best ones for kids.

What Methods Can Prevent Unraveling of a Child’s Twists?

Secure the twisted hair ends with a rubber band or use a firm-hold gel designed for wavy or curly hair. Employing effective twisting techniques, such as the rope twisting method, will also prevent hair from unraveling.

How Can You Enhance the Fullness of Two-Strand Twists?

Kids’ two-strand twists can sometimes look flat due to their soft, low-density hair. To create a fuller appearance, try twisting the hair with extensions like Marley hair, kinky braids, kanekalon braids, or even woolen strings.

What’s the Minimum Hair Length Required for Twisting?

Hair lengths exceeding 2 inches work well with this style. For shorter hair, begin with micro-twists and gradually increase their thickness as the hair grows.

Can Two-Strand Twists Promote Hair Growth in Your Daughter?

Two-strand twists promote hair growth as they involve less manipulation, reducing breakage, and protecting the hair from weather elements and heat. Lower hair breakage and improved moisture retention are both key factors contributing to healthier hair growth for your daughter.

How Can You Prevent Frizz in a Child’s Twists?

Prevent frizz in your daughter’s twists by gently using your fingertips when washing her hair (while in twists) and when applying hair oil and moisturizer. Frizz is often caused by excessive rubbing of the hair. Additionally, washing and moisturizing hair in sections can be highly effective in managing frizz.

What Are the Steps for Maintaining a Two-Strand Twist Hairstyle for Your Child?

To maintain your child’s fresh twists:

1. Use a satin bonnet or silk scarf at bedtime to keep the twists in place. Alternatively, consider a silk pillowcase if she finds it uncomfortable.

2. Hydrate her hair 2-3 times weekly, being gentle to prevent breakage during moisturizing.

3. Maintain weekly hair washing for a clean scalp and healthy hair growth.

Is It Appropriate to Use Rubber Bands on a Child’s Two-Strand Twists?

Certainly! You can use rubber bands to secure and embellish your child’s two-strand twists, preventing them from unraveling during play at home, school, or daycare. These bands can be placed either at the base or the ends of the twists. Additionally, you can enhance the style further with beads and berets. When adding beads, it’s advisable to secure them in place by tying a rubber band at the ends of the twists.


In conclusion, little girl twist styles are a fantastic way to enhance the beauty and individuality of young girls’ hair. These styles not only look adorable but also help keep hair neat and manageable. Whether it’s the classic two-strand twist, the elegant flat twist, or the playful twist-out, there are numerous options to choose from.

Little girls can express their personalities and creativity through their hair, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. So, if you’re looking for a charming and practical way to style your little one’s hair, consider trying out some of the delightful twist styles discussed in this article. Your little girl is sure to shine with confidence and style.

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